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Tertiary and Private Education Collections

We understand the National Credit Act intimately and this offers us the ability to ensure client compliance which is becoming as important at legal enforcement stage as it is at the credit granting stage.

We offer a well-equipped debt collection call-centre based in Mount Edgecombe, just outside of Durban, servicing the entire South Africa with well skilled, motivated and trained debt collectors, who can deal with delinquent debtors. Our debt collectors are supported by our advanced IT systems and infrastructure.

In addition we offer the seamless and efficient transfer from pre-legal debt collection to legal debt collection with a single report coming from us on all your bad debt handovers. We have built up a cost effective network of attorney agents across the country which enables us to serve clients countrywide.

With creditors increasing competing for the debtor limited repayment resources you need a collection firm that can make you a priority creditor in your debtor’s life, we achieve this goal in a professional and accountable way. We pride ourselves on our high client service levels and our sound legal knowledge that is able to deal with all the challenges of a constantly changing legal landscape and still deliver cost-effective and excellent collections results.

“ They who hesitate are lost…”


We offer cost effective no collection, no fee charge at a competitive commission on pre-legal matters. This means we charge a fixed collection commission (on request) less any commission which may be payable to us by the debtor in terms of the Debt Collectors Act 114 of 1998 or to Bentley Attorneys in terms of the Magistrate’s Court Act 32 of 1944 on undefended matters. We cover tracing fees.

On legal matters, we change a reduced commission and cover the Bentley Attorney’s legal fees, bar third party payments such as sheriff’s fees and agent’s costs on undefended matters.

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