banking collections

Why Savy Banks use us:

In the recovery of outstanding debts owed to financial institutions, an intimate knowledge of the compliance issues of the National Credit Act and what the NCA stipulates in terms of reckless credit lending, interest and charges  and the law relating to debt is vital. That’s why our close association with Bentley Attorneys with their credit law and debt recovery expertise and their staff training in this regard enables us to ensure proper compliance for our bank clients.

In addition, we give our Banking clients:

With creditors increasing competing for debtors limited repayment resources you need a debt collection company that can make your bank a priority creditor in your debtors’ lives. We achieve this goal in a professional and accountable manner. We pride ourselves on our high client service levels and our sound legal knowledge which deals with all the challenges of a constantly changing legal and economic environment and still deliver cost-effective and excellent debt recovery results.

“ They who hesitate are lost…”

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