Commercial Collections

Commercial debt collections is the collection of debt from a debtor who themselves are a business.

This type of debt collection is generally not the domain of a collection agency because these type of debt collections can be more involved arising from the fact that the debtors can be trading in various business form such a companies, close corporation and trusts which have different liabilities.

However, Bentley Credit Control being a sister company to Bentley Attorneys and with our well-trained staff having a good legal knowledge, is equipped to deal professionally and successfully with this form of debt collection.


As partners with our clients we not only assist with their bad debt recovery, but they are also given general advice on credit management, referred to Bentley Attorneys for the drafting of legally sound credit application forms incorporating standard terms and conditions incorporating securities where there are deficiencies in their credit documentation or the law changes and they attend our credit management seminars. All of which assists them in reducing their bad debt handovers and increase the chances of success in their debt collections.

This coupled with our ability to hand-over cost effectively and seamless for legal debt collections gives our clients the winning combination to deal with their debt collections

Our commercial debt collection clients include numerous J.S.E. listed companies, banks and some of the largest private companies in the country.

“ They who hesitate are lost…”

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