Outsourced Credit Management

“Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

-Tom Peters (Business Management Guru)

We offer clients an outsourced service which covers the full ambit of credit management from credit vetting through to the monthly credit control and bad debt management and collections.

We will assist you in reducing risk, as well as improving cash flow and dealing with poor or non-paying clients. Our experience in dealing with the multiple facets of credit management allows you to have better peace of mind in extending credit and ensuring timeous payment and thereby reducing the cost of credit.

You can choose to use us in any of the above 3 aspects of credit management – Credit Vetting, Credit Control or Debt Recovery, alternatively a tailor made package to meet your requirements.

We also assist you in all aspects of your credit management, from credit documents, securities for debt, credit insurance, debt financing, training and general consulting.

“They who hesitate are lost…”

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