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Public School Fee Collections and Other School Services

We are one of the largest and most successful collectors of outstanding school fees in the country. We also offer unique expertise on the law relating to schools. We couple these together to give our school clients innovative and comprehensive services including:

  • School Fee Collections
  • Training on the SA Schools Act relating to school fees and exemptions
  • Legal Compliance Audits on School Fee and Exemptions
  • Outsourced Credit Control

These services provide schools with a complete solution to deal with the challenging issues they face with school fee collections and exemption applications.

School Fee Collections

We offer cost-effective debt collections based on the general maxim of no collections, no costs. However, by having Bentley Attorneys as our sister company, it allows us to transfer from pre-legal collections to legal collections seamlessly.

If you have the time, watch the video at the top of the page to see a few of our many very satisfied school clients reviewing the services we provide them.

Our Collections service includes:

  • Online Reporting 24/7
  • Well trained and experienced staff, knowledgeable in the SA Schools Act
  • Continuously improving collection rates
  • Call Centre Collections and Legal Collections
  • The latest technology and collection methods
  • Competitive and cost-effective pricing
  • Free legal advice on your day to day school fee and exemption issues

Training on the SA Schools Act relating to School fees and Exemptions

We have been offering training focusing on improving public school fee collections and dealing with exemptions for over a decade. This training is vital for school staff as not only are the South African Schools Act and the Exemption Regulations poorly drafted pieces of legislation which can confuse but there is little practical expertise available to schools on how to effectively collect school fees . We are pleased to say that this training has served our clients well in terms of compliance issues as well as improved internal collections.

Our CEO Brett Bentley, who is a well-experienced attorney, gives this training himself. His passion for schools, the law and presenting results in seminars that educate delegates with sound legal and practical knowledge in a lively and even humorous manner.

Have a look on the Events page for our next relevant seminar coming to a venue near you.

Legal Compliance Audits – School Fee and Exemptions

Why Your School Needs It

From a public schools perspective, one of the most concerning orders of the Supreme Court of Appeal in the landmark case of Head of Department Western Cape Education Department and Others v S (1209/2016) [2017] ZASCA 187 (13 December 2017), was that:

“It is declared that in processing and dealing with the applicant’s applications for a fee exemption in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the school and its governing body subjected her to repeated violations of her constitutional and statutory rights.”

This order should ring alarm bells with public schools and no school would want to find itself subject to such a court order.

So, what is the solution to your school avoiding this situation?

 We have found notwithstanding training – in numerous instances of important terms and conditions were being left off admission documents, other documents were confusing and non-complian and exemptions not being dealt with correctly, as well as other omissions and mistakes.

The solution is a legal audit to check your school’s documentation, practice and procedures. This audit enables schools to see where they may be falling short in their processes and ensure they have the correct documentation in place.

What the Audit Entails

Our audits of public schools are conducted by our audit team made up of attorneys and cover amongst their many aspects:

  • Reviewing all documents relating to school fees and exemptions including – admission documents, AGM minutes, exemption applications, S41(5) letters, letters of demand, exemption outcome letters.
  • Reviewing internal collection procedures and processes
  • Auditing how exemptions are dealt with
  • Auditing various other aspects of the school fee collection and exemption process

From this we provide the school with a comprehensive and confidential report on our findings, opinions and suggestions for improvement and compliance. 

Outsourced Credit Control

We provide outsourced credit management services to our business clients and we are now combining this with our expertise in public school fees and exemptions to assist schools with this service.

So, what exactly is outsourced credit control?

 Internal billing and follow up with parents on the payment of school fees and attending to the hand-over of bad debtors is a vital cog in the school fee collections process. Yet time and again we see schools where the staff is either overworked, not properly trained or ill-suited to this position resulting in a negative effect on this crucial source of income to keep the school operating properly for the benefit of all its learners.

In these cases, we offer schools an opportunity to outsource these tasks – whether in peak times or on a full-time contract basis.

We will assist with:

  • Billing of parents
  • Follow-up calls, SMSs and emails to elicit payment
  • Managing debit orders
  • Dealing with school fee disputes and queries
  • Exemption calculations
  • Preparation of lists of non-paying parents for the SGB and attending to handing them over for debt collection
  • Other related tasks

“ They who hesitate are lost…”


We offer cost effective no collection, no fee charge at a competitive commission on pre-legal matters. This means we charge a fixed collection commission (on request) less any commission which may be payable to us by the debtor in terms of the Debt Collectors Act 114 of 1998 or to Bentley Attorneys in terms of the Magistrate’s Court Act 32 of 1944 on undefended matters. We cover tracing fees.

On legal matters, we change a reduced commission and cover the Bentley Attorney’s legal fees, bar third party payments such as sheriff’s fees and agent’s costs on undefended matters.

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