drafting of credit documentation

Here's what Our debt recovery department offers

Our research into the various credit laws coupled with our vast experience in suing debtors and having to overcome various dilatory defences in litigation and dealing with debtor’s efforts to hide and alienate assets has meant we have developed and improved our credit documentation and forms of security over the years

Suretyship documents

Cession of book debts


Acknowledgements of debt

Notarial bonds

Other forms of security

Covering bonds

over immovable property

Credit applications

with standard terms and conditions of trade

The purpose of this document is as a many faceted but the most important functions are:

  • To enable you to properly assess who your potential client is, before you start trading with them;
  • to incorporate securities, to protect you in the event of your customer defaulting;
  • to set out with certainty your trading terms, payment periods and the consequences of non-payment;
  • to limit your liability in the event of you or your product’s failure to perform.

The basis of any sound business relationship between any business extending credit in any form to customers or clients, is a credit application form incorporating standard terms and conditions of trade.

We would implore any business granting credit to use a sound good application form incorporating standard terms and conditions of trade. In addition, if your credit application form has not been drafted with the National Credit Act and Consumer Protection Act.

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