Are Preparing school Handovers a Painful Chore?

Over our many years of school fee collections, one of the biggest chores we have seen for schools is the tedious task of preparing all the information on matters for handover to us for bad debt recovery.

We live in the Digital Age, and technology really should make life much easier and quicker. 

Well, handing-over has now become much easier and quicker for Bentley Credit Control school clients who use:

  • The internal debt collection and exemption software EduSpec; or
  • The school accounting and administration software Edupac.

We are pleased to advise that we now have an automated hand-over solution for EduSpec and Edupac users. Schools can now swiftly generate a customised handover spreadsheet that makes life much easier. No more having to populate spreadsheets and extract information from various sources manually.

If you use either of these products, please contact us to find out how to effortlessly generate a spreadsheet report that will make your hand-over life so much better.

We are also working with other school administration software providers to roll out this service on other software platforms. We will keep you advised of developments in this regard.